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THE DA TROCAR / PUSH ROD (J-191 TM and J-191)

Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 3  
The DA Trocar/Cannula consists of 3 separate components (Fig.1) 1. White Nylon handle. This serves as a hand grip plus a holder for the trocar and push rod. 2. Hollow trocar with sharp pointed end and flat plate on shaft. 3.Push rod: solid rod with handle. The J-191 TM trocar/cannula and J-191 toggle sutures are used in the Grymer/Sterner® method for nonsurgical percutaneous fixation of the left displaced abomasum (LDA). J-191 toggle sutures sold in pairs. Proper trocar assembly shown in Figure 2. The Toggle Suture Repair Button (J-191B) is used by some veterinarians to help distribute the pressure of the toggle suture over a wide area. (Figure 3)
Restraint and Casting Ropes (NASCO)

*Tranquilizer/Sedation (xylazine/Rompun, BAYER) (xylazine/AnaSed, Lloyd Laboratories)

Surgical Site Preparation (Scrub and Disinfectant)

Trocar, Cannula, and Push rod (Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.) (Go to: Products / Bovine Abdominal Surgical Instruments)
I pair (2) Toggle Sutures (Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.) (Go to: Products / Bovine Abdominal Surgical Instruments)
Toggle Suture Repair Button (Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc.)  (Go to: Products / Bovine Abdominal Surgical Instruments)
2 needle holders
Ph strips or Ph tester
  * In the United States, the use of xylazine constitutes extra-label usage, and as such, must be used within the context of a valid Veterinarian Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) in order to comply with the provisions of the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA).


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