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Diagnosis of left displaced abomasum (LDA) is well described in veterinary literature [References]. The diagnosis is often based on the following criteria:

Symptoms - (Off feed or off milk production)
History - (Recent history of calving, but may also occur at any time, particularly with any circumstance that puts the cow off feed.)
Concurrent Problems - (Ketosis, diarrhea, calving complication, mastitis, metritis, or retained placenta)

The presence of an LDA is characterized by a distinct 'pinging' sound, or resonance, on striking the abdominal wall along and on either side of an imaginary line drawn from the wing of the ilium (hipbone), to the caudal end of the xiphoid (breastbone). For an excellent animated depiction of the LDA occurrence, vist Dr. Wolfgang Klee's site at the University of Munich. [*Note: The text of this article is in German. Scroll down to the animated drawing on the first page of the article.]


After diagnosis is made of LDA in the bovine, it may be a candidate for repair using the Grymer/Sterner Toggle Suture method, as described in JAVMA - September 1982. The decision to employ this method of repair should be based upon the facilities and help available, and a careful evaluation of the concurrent medical conditions of the cow. It is advised that the owner/herdperson be consulted as to their assessment of the animal's condition, and as to their preferred method of repair. It is better to fully understand the concerns from both the management and the surgeon's perspective BEFORE an LDA repair is started, rather than to proceed under a wrong assumption.



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